Managing patients with cardiopulmonary diseases is complex and challenging

Cardiopulmonary patients, many of whom are struggling with multiple comorbidities, are often isolated, disengaged, and ignored by the healthcare system. Worse yet, point solutions have failed to deliver meaningful outcomes.

Half of all seniors have heart or lung complications

Exacerbations drive 60% of hospital admissions

70% of COPD admissions are associated with comorbidities

Wait times to see a cardiologist or pulmonologist range from four to 16 weeks

The next generation of heart and lung care

NuvoAir provides proactive and continuous virtual specialty care for people with complex cardiopulmonary conditions. We engage and support patients across the continuum of care, whether they’re newly diagnosed or in need of ongoing care.

High quality care from the comfort of home

Enroll in NuvoAir’s virtual medical practice to get better care for your heart and lungs from home. We’ll send you a kit of monitoring devices to keep track of your health and get access to a team of experts for everything from same-day appointments to ongoing support for things like medication refills, quitting smoking, pulmonary and cardiac rehab, and more.

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